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Eumaria Ultra Multi by Vitex

High strength self-polishing organotin-free antifouling paint.

High strength self-polishing organotin-free antifouling paint. Contains copper (I) thiocyanate and specific controlled release biocides, protects submerged areas against bacteria, algae, seaweed, shellfish and generally adherent organisms for 2-5 years depending on conditions. Ideal for hulls made of polyester, wood, steel and aluminum or light alloys, cruising at any speed.


  • Contains biocides based on Copper (I) and other special biocides.
  • Ideal for polyester, wood, steel and aluminum or light alloys.
  • Ideal for long docking times.

Surface preparation

The surface must be completely clean and dry at the time of application, and the temperature must be above the dew point to prevent moisture condensation. In confined spaces, ensure adequate ventilation during application and drying. For painting over old surface colors, prepare the surface properly, remove dirt, algae, seaweed, shellfish, etc. and wash thoroughly with fresh water at high pressure. If isolation of incompatible or old surface colors is required, use Eumaria One Component Vinyl Primer.


It is applied by roller, brush or airless gun. For complete drying, 16 hours are required at 5°C, 8 hours at 15°C, 4 hours at 20°C, 3 hours at 35°C. After the drying time is over, they are safe for use by humans and animals.

Technical Data Sheet

Drying Time

For complete drying
are required:

  • 16 hours at 5°C
  • 8 hours at 15°C
  • 4 hours at 20°C
  • 3 hours at 35°C

After it's over
drying time
it is safe to use
by man and
the animals.


VITEX SA offers integrated solutions for Architectural Paints (VITEX), External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems (VitexthTherm), and Bituminous Waterproofing materials (Hermes), in more than 20 countries worldwide.